We have been intercepting change signals in the B2B industry for days. In fact, at this stage, it will be decisive for the future to understand what is happening in order not to be caught unprepared. In fact, should the situation continue for a few more months, perhaps up to another year, we could witness a radical change in commercial activity, which could develop into four macro themes:

1) Business interruption

2) Diversification and new markets

3) Selection of opportunities and reduction of commercial costs

4) Lead time and maximization of cash flow


Suppose, from the point of view of the marketing and sales strategy, 2020 could have been a year of consolidation, given the economic situation in the second half of 2019 and the very first months of 2020. In that case, it is now time to rethink the strategy by orienting the two years 2020/21 towards a strategy of attack on the market and looking for new contacts and customers. In fact, we cannot know the evolution of the coming months, but, of course, all the indicators and forecasts say that the future could be decidedly uncertain. For this reason, it is necessary to act. Immediately.



Case Study



The new commercial scenarios


As a B2B industrial system in the near future, we have three different commercial scenarios in front of us:

1 – Maintain the same commercial process of the past, waiting for it to resume with travel and meetings.

2 – Stand still with a de facto suspension of the commercial process.

3 – Transform the commercial process into a series of possible actions at this time, especially to replace the meeting phase, with the aim that our customers and prospects continue to interact with us.


We think that change is the only solution.


For this reason, we have adapted our business model to the current situation. For this reason, we have therefore created a new product called Bridge Strategy. This active customer search strategy uses only digital tools, with pricing consisting of a flat fee and a performance.


The name Bridge Strategy is the acronym of the following concepts, which we then decline into actions to be implemented with digital tools:

  • B is for Branding – The Brand is a living element in the market.
  • R is for Reachability  – That is, the art of making yourself ready.
  • I is for Impact  – Information as commercial tools.
  • D is for Diving – Dive into your tomorrow.
  • G is for Get the Ball Rolling  – Act. Actions build the world.
  • E is for Engagement – Create qualified business relationships.

To find out more about the strategy and the activities that make it up, click on links to the dedicated pages.

The costs of a similar strategy are much lower than other activities such as fairs. According to our experience and the results of our customers, this activity can genuinely bring a concrete improvement in performance.

Unlike communication agencies or web agencies, our business is directly linked to customer research in the B2B sector. Our goal is to build relationships with your targets: we are not sales agents, but we create the conditions for building the negotiation. Our company was born just as a synthesis of different marketing, sales, and digital experiences: in 2019, we combined our professionalism to help B2B companies generate new business opportunities.

Our idea for you is to start from an analysis of the market you have chosen, increase the knowledge of your company in potential new customers, and then work with a targeted digital approach through marketing automation tools to allow you to build commercial relationships in a short while. In this way, you can maximize resources and decrease costs and time.

If you also feel that the commercial paradigm is completely changing, we can discuss it together.


Very simple.

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