Who we are

Vehnta, Sales Consulting for B2B Companies

For B2B companies that want to acquire customers in new markets in Vehnta we offer a process of generation of opportunities to boost client portfolio.

Unlike web agencies, intermediaries and consultants, we are able to qualify opportunities starting from the strategy up to the scheduling of the meeting that will be directly managed by the customer’s Sales Managers. An approach that becomes process for the achievement of objectives. Starting from increasing brand awareness among targets by employing digital tools and identifying potential customers, we manage the first contact with potential clients with the aim of arranging a first meeting or receiving an initial commercial request.

B2B Market Specialists
Consulenza Commerciale

Why are we different?

WINNING: We play bearing in mind that we can lose, but knowing that without playing there’s no winning.

STRATEGY: Study and analysis to decide what to do and what not to do. See beyond and look to the future: cultivate choices and take advantage of opportunities.

APPROACH: Innovation arises from experiments: from a new way of looking at things. Starting to look for solutions is the first step.

PERSEVERANCE: Any valuable activity can not be performed without tenacity. Without pure perseverance and a firm belief of never giving up nothing can be actually created.

PROCESS: Experience and method build up processes as a series of activities able to bring results. A little bit of magic does the rest…

EXPERIENCE: We believe that the best way of helping someone doing something is to have already done that thing.

Our working process

We are specialized in B2B sales consulting and after years of experience in sales and in creating contacts we have developed our own active customer acquisition strategy which we have called Bridge Strategy.

The Bridge Strategy is a process that uses digital tools to increase brand awareness and to create engagement with targets: it is a modular process, consisting of 6 steps, which can adapt to the business and the commercial strategy of our customers.

Branding, Reachability, Impact, Diving, Get the ball rolling and Engage are the six steps of Bridge Strategy.

Our Team

To be able to play in complex markets you need transversal skills, perseverance and a multi-disciplinary approach. Our team tells its own story: who we are, why we are different and what you need to learn to get to know us

Marcello Cazzaniga

Head of Sales

Marcello Cazzaniga

Vera Agostini

Project Manager

Vera Agostini

Simone Maggiori

Senior Sales Consultant

Simone Maggiori

Antonio Marini

Technical Consultant

Antonio Marini

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