D is for Diving

Dive in your tomorrow

Within the BRIDGE Strategy Diving means to really analyze every aspect of the situation of the market, the reference target and the data collected through the actions of previous steps. it is a fundamental step, right in the central part of the strategy. Before of this point we worked on Brand, on the creation and distribution of contents, while in the following points the Push phase begins: Diving therefore becomes the moment of reflection before action. 

The tools for diving are: Go To Market Strategy, Strategic Consulting, Training, Survey and Reporting.

Strategic Consulting: For any business, but especially for the leading companies in the B2B world, it is of fundamental importance to cyclically analyze the commercial strategy: the results it has brought, the critical issues and future projects. For this reason, Strategic Consulting is an important tool for business development. For Strategic Consulting we mean, putting it simple, the definition of what a company has or wants to do, the planning of the operational plan to give an answer to this need and thus the path that this company must take and the selection of the tools and the people that are needed to implement this plan. This pattern can be applied to every company department or to the entire company in its complexity. These processes are extraordinary useful for thinking on the path taken and, thanks to qualified professionals, for choosing if confirm or change precisely that path.

Training: Here in Vehnta we conceive our digital training service as an activity able to enhance the competitiveness of our customers. Expertise, in any field, is indeed a differentiating value inherent in every successful company. Indeed, knowledge means confidence in making choices: choices make companies great. With the aim of spreading digital culture and technology we design together with the customer tailor-made training courses for the most specific needs. From the use of the most common digital tools to the definition of a business development strategy linked with the most cutting edge tools. A series of specific skills useful for the present and the future. Our training courses are addressed to professionals or small corporate groups. Service can be supplied directly at the customer’s premises but, if necessary, it is also possible to supply the service at distance. The spectrum of possibilities for collaboration is very wide and depends on the objectives of every participant: we start from the trajectory of development in order to achieve the goal.

Survey: A data analysis activity can have an extraordinary tool for collecting qualified information in Surveys. Surveys are investigations that a company can put in place to collect information inherent, for example, to new products, services and functionalities. Here at Vehnta we use this tool to collect insights about the perception of our client company by its customers: therefore, to elaborate new commercial strategies starting from real data. : In detail of this activity, here at Vehnta we use Surveys to get useful information from the customers of our customers that can help us in the composition of the new target: in defining the new set of potential customer companies. There are many possibilities to create Surveys online, from the fastest and most user friendly to ones that are more structured and complex: as always, the choice of a tool is tied to the goal that is to be pursued and, in this case, also to the motivation of the recipients to filling in it or to the relationship among the sender and the recipients. In fact, filling in a survey is an act of trust, which allows the recipient of the data to accumulate information. As previously said, here at Vehnta we prepare commercial Surveys strictly connected to the definition of new lists of potential customers, enquiring the status quo to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current sale strategy and to trace potential customers profiles starting from current customers.

Reporting: All the previously listed activities must be accompanied by a dedicated and personalized reporting. Here at Vehnta, once we have defined together with our customers the metrics that are useful for the commercial strategy, we analyze and process data and insights collected in the previous analysis in order to prepare the dedicated reporting. Then we meet cyclically with our customers to confirm or optimize the actions taken. Reporting is therefore an active tool of the commercial acquisition strategy, because it allows the visualization in a single document of the results obtained from different activities and thus it allows informed choices in terms of most suitable strategies for the defined commercial goals.

Go To Market Strategy

Our highlight for this phase of the process is the strategic evaluation of potential of a new business, new market, new product or a new operating model. 

The purpose of this activity is to think together in order to develop an analytical document. This will result in an action plan that will lead to the elaboration of a business plan.

We use this method with our customers to reflect together around an idea. In order to find a unique solution in terms of product, system, service, technology, component, process, method, application or instruction. This solution will then have to be effectively feasible taking into account customers, resources, competitors and new potential approaches as regards market and possible offer.

We will therefore start thinking by evaluating the new idea, the expected experience of the client, the reference market or the new market, the external and internal conditions and resources involved. Then we will identify the marketing campaigns to be implemented and the business plan in order to offer our value proposition to the customers with a view to competitive advantage and uniqueness.

Go To Market Strategy

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