B is for Branding

The Brand as a living element in the market

Branding is the starting point of BRIDGE strategy: it is the cornerstone of the entire process. From the definition of the value proposition, to the identification of the differentiating values, up to the definition of the competitive advantage. A first strategic part and a second operational part with a view to the distribution of contents in order to create brand awareness through digital tools, building the Brand as a living element in the market.

As tools to define the brand we suggest: Brand Identity Strategy, Content Marketing, Photo Shoot, Video Content Strategy, Search, Display & Social Advertising and Social Media Management.

 Brand Identity Strategy: Every commercial activity has to start from a Brand Identity Strategy. It is a necessary condition for defining the positioning of a company, its role in the market context and for communicating its values and its differential advantage. By brand identity is meant the set of elements that constitute the brand with the aim of creating a clear identity in order to make it possible for every stakeholder to easily identify an offer alternative: both in terms of values and in commercial terms. Here in Vehnta, considering our role as an active customer acquisition company, consider the Brand Identity Strategy as the first part of a journey: a path able to lead our customers to the right recognition on their reference markets. In other words, brand identity is the perception that a company generates in users: the perception that makes it different and that represents it in every moment of its communication and therefore of its life.e che la contraddistingue e che la rappresenta in ogni passaggio della sua comunicazione e quindi della sua vita.

Content MarketingIn B2B world an effective brand awareness campaign, intended as preparatory for lead generation, can not be separated from a content marketing activity. An activity of content creation is indeed necessary for a first approach with your brand and for involving your potential customers by starting to raise awareness of your competitive advantage, your expertise, your products or your services. Content marketing includes the creation and the sharing of media and textual or video contents. This activity has the aim of generating interest in your brand with a view to inbound marketing. Starting right from the needs of the target and from its web researches, the main goal of a content marketing activity is to reach and, at the same time, to stimulate the interest of potential clients. According to us, content marketing, just like inbound marketing in general, is a useful tool for lead generation and customer acquisition. However, in order to have results, it should not be the only channel to be used. Content marketing indeed needs to be supported by more pushing activities. This is why we offer complete packages and we do not define us an inbound marketing agency.

Social Media ManagementA professional social media management generates an engagement rate in the potential targets that is by now an integral part of B2B customer journey. Also in B2B market the potential customer increasingly looks for contents about the potential supplier on social networks. We have to take advantage of this opportunity during the path to become customer. A social media management activity can therefore support the conversion of interested potential customers into leads. Contents, distributed through social channels, will in this way become valuable allies in the creation of commercial value. A first contact, the view of a video or even just of the logo: they are all ingredients that can help in a complex transaction. The path chosen by buyers is indeed variable and very heterogeneous. For this reason it is necessary to be present on all the available channels: to be seen can facilitate the beginning of a conversation. Contents for social media should therefore be interesting and constant over time: a tool to increase the web presence of the company and brand awareness.

Photo ShootOur service of business photo shoot is designed to realize visual contents to be used on the website, for advertising campaigns and for other supports or tools oriented to lead generation or search for new customers. It is a fundamental activity to introduce the corporate identity and to directly show the company to the market. In an era where pictures and visual communication prevail, a competitive company has to be present with its digital channels in an integrated and proactive way. A web presence that makes an extensive use of pictures has a more direct and modern approach. This can result in a quicker concretization of the opportunities offered by brand awareness. The content realized during the photo shoot will have to be checked together with the business people involved in management, sales, communication and safety. It is indeed fundamental that all these people agree, each one for his or her specific expertise and responsibilities, so that the final product will be the result of the work of everyone.

Video Content StrategyA Video Marketing Strategy can be a very important tool with a view to lead generation and customer acquisition. Videos are the present and the future of web communication. They are a direct and user-friendly tool, which is able to generate interest in new ideas or services or to suggest new collaboration opportunities to a buyer in just a few moments. A video strategy can therefore position your company on your targets radar. Few moments can make the difference, especially when the video strategy is part of a marketing mix that can reach the different touchpoints of the customer journey of a B2B buyer. A Video Marketing Strategy should be an integral element of a wider web marketing activity, in which quality and authenticity will illustrate the company. In Vehnta we believe that videos should necessarily describe the uniqueness of a business: precisely to communicate an authenticity that can be hardly found elsewhere. Videos of production plants and moments of everyday life in the office can truly introduce the company for what it really is.

Search, Display and Social Advertising

Our highlight in this phase of the process is the advertising activity, the goal is customers’ brand awareness.

In Vehnta we see this activity as preparatory for more pushing campaigns of lead generation and customer acquisition. We indeed believe that the ability to generate brand awareness and to transmit the company’s values is preliminary to the first contact.

Our advertising services include Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Social Advertising, a correctly managed strategy allows an extremely fast comunication with potentially interested users.

These activities are preparatory for lead generation and customer acquisition. They can intrigue or interest targets, who will be more receptive when contacted: a way to start being recognizable and recognized.

Search, Display and Social Advertising

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