G is for Get the Ball Rolling

Act. Actions build the world

An idiomatic expression gives the idea of what could be translated as Beginning. Not the beginning of activities or work, Get the Ball Rolling is in fact the fifth step of Bridge Strategy, but instead the beginning of the scouting of commercial opportunities: an activity that can not be separated from the completion of the previous steps. A push activity, orchestrated in an expert way using the most advanced techniques to develop the first contact with potential customers.

The tools to Get the ball rolling: Direct Email Marketing, Special Reporting and Marketing Automation.

Direct Email Marketing: In Vehnta we believe that the activities linked to marketing automation are part of the prospecting process and of the wider lead generation and customer acquisition process. It is indeed an activity able to generate sales opportunities. It indeed speeds up engagement processes, if integrated with the general strategy and the use of other tools. Starting from the development of Go to Market strategy, passing through the definition of the purchasing system and the use of innovative tools such as VISIONSPHERE platform, marketing automation generates the first sales contacts on the defined target. It speeds up the first approach and simultaneously and massively works on a relevant number of potential opportunities. In Vehnta we therefore believe that the advantage of marketing automation is not only the automation of some repetitive activities of marketing, or the structuring of behaviors starting from the target’s actions. It is above all the possibility to have a tool able to accelerate a strategy conceived and realized together with our customers. Marketing automation is a tool: only a small part of the strategy.

Special Reporting: The activity of special reporting is helpful for the control of KPIs defined together with the customer for the activities of lead generation and customer acquisition. Special reports are structured in order to examine in depth the results arising from marketing automation and outsourcing email management activities. These reports are a useful tool for the monitoring of activities. However, they are also an helpful source of insights to confirm or update the strategy. Reports include all the activities of web presence, pushing through adv, strategy and the following steps such as marketing automation and outsourcing email management. The whole chain is therefore contained in these data. In Vehnta we focus strongly on the work of data analysis resulting from real activities carried out. As if a window onto the past could give us the tools to imagine the future. A future to build together with our customers: with the aim of achieving a constant collaboration to keep the system precise and aligned.

Marketing Automation

Our highlight for this phase of the process is the setting of an effective marketing automation. The setting is made by three foundamental steps: the choice of the tools, the construction of the message and the definition of the user paths.

The result of marketing automation offered by Vehnta is the generation of new contacts with a view to lead generation and customer acquisition.

Fristly we choose the marketing automation software, the CRM and implement its connections. Then, we create the message and the communication flow in terms of content, number of emails and timing for the follow-ups. Once tools and messages have been defined, we structure the path that the user will follow.

After that, we will have to define the crucial touch points considering the whole customer journey. This activity has to be seen as an integral part of a wider strategy. Marketing automation is the operative tool of this strategy, to speed up passages and maximize results.

Marketing Automation

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