R is for Reachability

That is, the art of being ready

The concept of Reachability is borrowed from the Graph Theory. Within the BRIDGE Strategy, the concept is developed as the ability to be reached by potential customers on digital channels. In the wake of a proactive approach it means putting in place a tactic to generate chances to be found on the web.

The tools we suggest to to boost your reachability are: Web Site Optimization, SEO, Social Presence and Online & Offline Interaction.

Web Site OptimizationAny strategy of lead generation and customer acquisition through digital tools starts with a website able to convey the distinctive value of the company and its competitive advantage. That’s why here in Vehnta we offer a service of website optimization: to immediately start with the tools that are helpful to achieve the objectives. Our approach includes the analysis of the existing website to understand its performance, structure, paths and contents in order to move on to optimization phase. This phase starts with the identification of communication flows in terms of user experience. Then it includes the choice of the touchpoints of the customer journey and it ends with the review of graphics and layout. If necessary, we can also create a brand-new website. This choice can be made when no website is already existing or when it is dated and no more functional to the different corporate goals. This service is based on a great collaboration with the customer, in terms of co-design, information sharing and uniformity of targets.

SEOIn order to conquer favorable positions in the SERP, acronym for Search Engine Results Page, you need expertise and experience. Activities included in the SEO cluster play a crucial role to facilitate indexing and consequent positioning of contents in search engines. These activities, in the first instance, differ in terms of On Site and Off Site activities. The difference between these activities is that On Site activities, also known as On Page SEO, focus on the optimization of on-site parameters, while Off Site activities, also known as Off Page SEO, focus on factors that are external to the website. In this package here in Vehnta we offer website SEO optimization intended as On Site SEO. We are aware that the two activities, in order to lead to better results, have to be started in parallel. However, we also believe they should be in parallel at operating speed, while at an early stage On Site SEO activity has the priority and therefore needs to be first in line.

Social Presence : A Branding activity can not fail in taking into account a Social Presence which, compatibly with the objective of the company, can guarantee an active contribution in the customer acquisition strategy. The key point for success, in terms of feedback, on specific activities on social media will therefore be to hit the dedicated objectives established in the strategy definition phase. From a B2B perspective, in fact, Social Presence is only an aspect that contributes to the achievement of sales goals: an aspect made of micro-conversions, controlled and verified by KPI set in the strategic phase, simple tools for achieving commercial value. For this reason, in the first instance, it is decisive to make social media part of the strategy to move on to the operational part only later. Once the Social Presence has been added to the strategy, with an eye to defining the intermediate goals with control values, it will therefore be in the operational part that we can hit the ground running. This will be achieved through content creation and competence in distribution and ability in generating engagement. Here in Vehnta we can be of assistance for both phases: in defining Social Presence among the global B2B customer acquisition strategy as in the more operational part: made of implementation, constant updating, data analysis and insight collection.

Online & Offline Interaction: Customer Journey, that is the journey of the potential customer before becoming a customer, in B2B is indeed temporally tortuous and decidedly demanding. For this reason, it is important to map every single stage, building a road that can convey the company’s targets on controlled and predefined paths. These paths, in B2B, can only be both online and offline: this is why, here in Vehnta, we reason with our customer on Offline and Online Interaction modules. At the present time, offline and online interaction is in fact part of the most advanced active customer acquisition strategies: it is in fact necessary to map and to define every connection with potential customers and to manage these connections in such a way that it is possible to intercept their specific demand: defining their need.

Web Site Creation

The higlight for this phase of the process is the creation of a web site, not only a showcase site but above all a platform for prospecting and lead generation activities. 

The activity starts with the identification of the objectives, then we proceed to the activation of the domain, hosting and technical implementation, at the end of the process SEO will be implemented.

We start designing the website siloing, choosing its layout and identifying the goals with a view to user experience and touchpoints of the customer journey. Once these stages are completed, it is necessary to select the contents that will populate the website. The last step is the connection of the website to all the tools necessary for its management.

SEO activities start with the identification of targets and KPI with the customer, then, the first operative step is Search Intent activity. The results of this analysis are translated into keywords, meta tag and contents that will populate the website. The last phase is traking the activities that have been previously carried out. In this way we will confirm or change the chosen website SEO strategy.

Web Site Creation

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