E is for Engagement

Creating qualified commercial relationships

The last step necessary to the completion of BRIDGE Strategy, and therefore to achieve objectives of contact generation and beginning of a commercial relationship, is called Engage. At this stage, after the qualification of potential customers through the definition of messages, their distribution and a massive scouting through Marketing Automation, we move on to the personal relationship. This last step allows Vehnta to deliver to its customers Semi-finished contacts that salespeople can manage with a view to closing deals.

These are the tool to Engage your audience: Commercial Support and Consulting, Outsourcing Email Management and Retargeting.

Commercial Support: Commercial Support is an aid activity in the preparation of sales material, in the organization of events or in the generation of the first contact and in the management of leads. It is an outsourcing activity that allows the companies to diminish the load of operational work to focus on activities with greater added value. The goal of such activities is to actively contribute to the commercial growth of a company supporting the sales department in a consistent way.

Outsourcing Email Management: To create commercial value for our customers we prefer to independently manage communication starting from the client’s account. It is a precise decisive choice, display of deep trust and great cooperation with our customers. We have indeed the freedom to proceed quickly but, at the same time, the huge responsibility to speak on behalf of our clients. It is a precise positioning choice for us and for our customers, which can bring added value and better results. Indeed, to directly manage the client’s e-mail account allows us to directly talk to the potential target without intermediaries. In this way we speed up and align strength and content with a view to a result-oriented lead generation or client research. Actually, it is a very simple operation from a technical standpoint, but it is fundamental for the achievement of results. Indeed, without this possibility the commercial negotiation would not be characterized by an atmosphere of trust typical of a collaboration started with the right rhythm. For us in Vehnta the opportunity of managing the email account of our customers is synonymous with full cooperation and trust.

Retargeting:With retargeting activities you can show users targeted advertising on the basis of the actions they have made online in the past. They are significant activities because they allow you to monitor all the users that have shown some interest in a specific product or service, thus constantly keeping the brand visible and well-known. Retargeting is therefore a re-engagement tactic that requires the implementation of search or display ads. The aim of this activity is involving the user one more time or of renewing his or her interest in a product or service of a specific brand. Advertising messages will be addressed to users that have visited a specific website or to users that have interacted with the different web channels of the customer. In Vehnta we consider this activity with a view to intensity and frequency. As a matter of fact, this activity needs to be part of a marketing plan that includes also other promotional channels. In this way it can guarantee an excellent coverage on users that are already interested in a product or service, thus allowing precise actions on a defined target. Retargeting thus becomes part of a marketing mix for the engagement of potential customers.

Commercial Consulting

Every company should have a commercial strategy and every company should cyclically compare and meditate the results it is bringing, the issues that arises and the plans to define for the future. This is our highlight for this phase of the process.

Commercial Consulting faces deals with these issues and it tries to focus every effort on the creation of value.

Sales are a complex relationship between company and customers. A relationship that is constantly evolving: it starts from the perception of brand and, especially in B2B market, through a complex customer journey made of diverse micro-conversions and touch points, it can translate into a deal.

A Commercial Consulting activity helps in the definition of all this: the management of internal and external resources, the positioning on the market, the integration of the concept of sales in every other department in a cross-departmental perspective and the facilitation of the dialogue between the company and all its stakeholder.

Commercial Consulting

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