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Bridge Strategy

We believe sales in complex markets and new customer acquisition need experience, strategy and innovative tools

Commercial process for lead generation and customer acquisition

We are specialized in B2B and after years of experience in sales and in creating contacts we have developed our own active customer acquisition strategy which we have called Bridge Strategy. The Bridge Strategy is a process that uses digital tools to increase brand awareness and to create engagement with targets: it is a modular process, consisting of 6 steps, which can adapt to the business and the commercial strategy of our customers.
Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition



B is for Branding

Branding is the starting point of Bridge strategy: it is the cornerstone of the entire process. From the definition of the value proposition, to the identification of the differentiating values, up to the definition of the competitive advantage. A first strategic part and a second operational part with a view to the distribution of contents in order to create brand awareness through digital tools, building the Brand as a living element in the market.

R is for Reachability

The concept of Reachability is borrowed from the Graph Theory. Within the Bridge Strategy, the concept is developed as the ability to be reached by potential customers on digital channels. In the wake of a proactive approach it means putting in place a tactic to generate chances to be found on the web.

I is for Impact

All the communication that is produced must be the result of the strategy linked to the Brand, it must be relevant and it must impact on prospects. This does not translate into the obsessive search for originality, but materializes instead into the search of what is useful for potential customers. Of themes, language and targets’ expectations.

D is for Diving

Within the Bridge Strategy Diving means to really analyze every aspect of the situation of the market, the reference target and the data collected through the actions of previous steps. it is a fundamental step, right in the central part of the strategy. Before of this point we worked on Brand, on the creation and distribution of contents, while in the following points the Push phase begins: Diving therefore becomes the moment of reflection before action.
Get the ball rolling

G is for Get the ball rolling

An idiomatic expression gives the idea of what could be translated as Beginning. Not the beginning of activities or work, Get the Ball Rolling is in fact the fifth step of Bridge Strategy, but instead the beginning of the scouting of commercial opportunities: an activity that can not be separated from the completion of the previous steps. A push activity, orchestrated in an expert way using the most advanced techniques to develop the first contact with potential customers.

E is for Engage

The last step necessary to the completion of BRIDGE Strategy, and therefore to achieve objectives of contact generation and beginning of a commercial relationship, is called Engage. At this stage, after the qualification of potential customers through the definition of messages, their distribution and a massive scouting through Marketing Automation, we move on to the personal relationship. This last step allows Vehnta to deliver to its customers Semi-finished contacts that salespeople can manage with a view to closing deals.

New Markets and New Possibilities

We are specialized in the market of B2B industries that want to develop projects of national and international customer acquisition. Our customers are companies with a defined sales structure that look forward for new markets with complex purchasing systems.
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