Visionsphere: A Versatile AI Software for Enhancing Your Sales and Business Development

Visionsphere is an advanced AI sales tool that integrates sophisticated digital advertising strategies. It’s designed to deliver unique and valuable insights, particularly for empowering B2B companies—though its benefits extend beyond.

Discover what VisionSphere can do for your company


New Business Development and Analysis

Identify and qualify new business opportunities in real-time, optimizing your sales efforts

Emerging Trends Analysis

Stay at the forefront of your industry by detecting and adapting to emerging customer needs swiftly and effectively

Customer Behavior Monitoring

Utilize Infidelity Rate feature to discover if your clients are considering your competitors

Competitive Intelligence

Keep an eye on the competitive landscape. Know who’s engaging with your rivals and strategize to win them over

Brand and Event Metrics

Assess the impact of your offline marketing campaigns, trade show exhibitions, or even simple visits to potential customers

Advertising Enhancement

Elevate your company’s advertising efforts to a new level of effectiveness

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Vehnta: Your Strategic Ally in B2B Sales

Empowering Businesses with Proven B2B Customer Research and Consultancy

Born from a manufacturing sector background, Vehnta collaborates closely with B2B sales teams to deliver targeted consultancy services. Our approach is twofold:


  • Maximizing Visionsphere Usage: We assist clients who use Visionsphere independently, helping them to maximize its benefits and optimize their sales processes.
  • Visionsphere Integration: For our consultancy clients, we integrate it as a strategic tool within our services, ensuring that they benefit from our specialized expertise without direct involvement.

What Vehnta can do for you:

Proactive Campaign Monitoring

Stay informed with continuous oversight of your Visionsphere campaigns

Targeted Contact Identification

Find the right person to talk to and provide their business contact information

Outreach Activity

Initiate conversations with the right contacts and hand over the leads when they show interest.

CRM and Email Marketing and Management

Set up and manage CRM systems and email marketing strategies tailored to your needs.

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