This post will highlight the differences between a sales consultant and a company with active customer acquisition for its clients as its core business. Indeed, a company that intends to expand its business has to choose between the two carefully: it is a fundamental decision in the path to achieving the company’s objectives.

First of all, we are going to define together these two figures.


Who is and what does a sales consultant do?

The main aim of a sales consultant is to offer support to companies, institutions, or professionals for marketing and sales activities.

Usually, this figure already has previous working experiences and an academic background in economics, marketing, or communication. Beyond these characteristics, it is interesting to underline how typically these consultants have very developed soft skills (here is an interesting list of soft skills drawn up by Forbes), such as dialectic skills, ability to persuade, marked empathy, and problem-solving competence.

The sales consultant is a strategic professional for a company, an institution, or a professional that shows needs as far as marketing and sales are concerned. These needs may concern new customer acquisition or the creation of relationships for the most varied objectives.

Generally, but each case differs from the others, overtime a sales consultant should carry out the following activities for their customers:

  • Knowing and mapping the market
  • Analyzing the demand
  • Knowing the competitors and their strategies
  • Studying potential clients’ needs
  • Analyzing the company’s customer portfolio
  • Defining the company’s offer
  • Defining the trade policy
  • Suggesting new strategies for approaching the market
  • Outlining potential customers
  • Bring new ideas for the company

As previously affirmed, the sales consultant is, therefore, an important figure. However, usually, a consultant works on his or her own and, despite knowledge and experience, could not cover all the aspects that characterize the complexity of an advanced B2B company. Let’s now analyze the differences between a sales consultant and an active customer acquisition company.






What is and which results can bring an active customer acquisition company?

A sales consultant is undoubtedly a key figure for companies willing to grow. But what about a whole team that performs the tasks of a single consultant?

That is the case of an active customer acquisition company. That is the case with Vehnta.

As a matter of fact, an active customer acquisition company includes heterogeneous figures that can operate as sales consultants but who can also deal with different activities, thus introducing more varied skills. A company will indeed be able to deal with the entire process: starting from market analysis to commercial strategy, reaching the management of the first contacts of the potential clients.

For example, here in Vehnta, we not only offer all the previously listed activities of a sales consultant, but our process also includes:

  • the definition of the market positioning and the commercial strategy with our strategic consultants,
  • the preparation of the offer with our commercial consultants,
  • finally, the implementation of what has been previously defined by our operational team.

The operational team has to actualize the strategies and ideas developed during the first phase, starting with brand awareness activities and then defining targets and working with a more focused approach for creating and managing the first contacts.

Indeed, we sincerely believe that looking for buyers or first contacts is a complex task for the marketing and sales departments. That is why our process, which, as previously mentioned, embraces the whole chain of strategic and operational activities, allows us to maximize resources and reduce costs and timing.

Approaching a new market with traditional methods or by choosing a single sales consultant would be more expensive. In contrast, with our process and with the approach of an active customer acquisition company, it is possible to reach the objectives straightforwardly and quickly.


In summary

A sales consultant is a big step for a company: better still if the choice falls on an active customer acquisition company team. A company like this can indeed lead to all the advantages a single sales consultant can bring, but in addition to that, it offers a complete service: able not only to elaborate the strategy but also to implement it and manage all the operational activities. An all-in-one approach that will allow your business to grow in defined times while saving resources.

An initial consideration could be that choosing an active customer acquisition company could be a more expensive option than a single sales consultant. But if we stop and reflect, we can easily observe that a dynamic structure, such as the one of an active customer acquisition company, is undoubtedly more competitive than a sales consultant. The synergies among different elements indeed allow economies of scale that a single person cannot guarantee.

However, the actual cost is what does not translate into results: what does not become an investment with a measurable ROI. Choosing a company like Vehnta means investing in one’s future and commercial growth.


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